Chabad of Waukesha-Brookfeld's Chai Club Partners make a special commitment to inspiring the future of Jewish life in Waukesha County by providing steady, reliable core funding for Chabad of Waukesha-Brookfield. 

Thanks to your monthly pledge, we know we will have the funds when needed to respond to a call from a local rehab for a young, lonely person in recovery needing reassurance from a rabbi, or a local family wanting the rabbi to visit to discuss personal issues. 

By becoming a Chai Club partner, your support ensures our ability to focus on inspiring you and others, without interruption. Plus, you’ll never need to write another check or send in another renewal—and you will help us save money on administrative fees, so even more of your gift goes  to help right away.

Your gifts will have a big impact. Just $18 is a great investment in a Jewish future!

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Chai Partner Amounts : $18 (annual 12x chai)
$36 (annual 24x chai) $54 (annual 36x chai)
Gold Chai Partner Amounts :  
$75 (annual 50x chai) $150 (annual 100x chai)
$225 (annual 150x chai)  $300 (annual 200x chai)    
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